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Verticality is not a path, it is a way of life!
It is a joyous, ever spiraling
love affair with Existence.
Quality of Life through Quality of One

  All our lives, we may have endeavored to reconnect with the source of All That Is. Many of us believe we are all "One," so we have worked with our issues and continued consciously to evolve our paths. Through meditation, we sometimes feel that connection – that Oneness. Yet when we leave our safe inner sanctums, we often feel quickly snapped back in to a state of reality we do not like and that we perceive is created by an unbalanced world.
  So it goes…We continue to search for tools and information that might help link heaven and earth in a tangible way into our aware, energetic being and, at the same time, link us with others and the mystery and grandeur of Nature surrounding us.
  There is a way to enhance and become established in feeling the energetic flow – the Oneness – we know exists.

    Being one with All That Is.
    Being a fully integrated energy system that is so balanced that
     human experience takes on new meaning, as we become the experience.
    Being connected to and integrated with All That Is -- all the time.

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Vertical Reality 101
Vertical Reality 201
Vertical Reality 301
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Tachyon Holistic Wellness 101: Pain Management
Tachyon Holistic Wellness 201: Organ and Gland Management
Tachyon Holistic Wellness Combo 301: Application and Integration of Advanced Techniques
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