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  Tachyon Energy and Children  
    23th May 2006

   Sore Throat - often issue of young children. It can be healed very easily with Panther Juice. Panther juice gently rubbed on throat, bronchial tube or bodily cavity. Relief will be achieved almost immediately. Babies - just after a few minutes, adults - takes longer, you can repeat treatment a few times.

   Tummy pain - Flexcell, Cocoons, Silica Disk or a few Energy Cells placed on or around tummy will result in the pain gone within minutes. You can use PJ as well, it has same effect.

   Growing teeth - OS12 has calming effect and children feel much better. Just simply follow the instructions on the bottle.

   OS12 is very efficient as prevention against cold or in flu season. We know from our experience that one dosage per day is enough for children with good immunity. You can increase dosage to 2-3 more times per day in case immune system is weakened.

   Scratches, bruises and lumps - Silica Discs, Micro Disc, Panther juice and ultra freeze are very good products and relieve pain credibly. The results are visible within minutes. In case you have TLC Bars on hand, you can do short healing therapy. After 15 minutes you will see great change on the skin and all pain will be gone.

   Reddish backside - if it is not so bad you can use O-Vera Aloe Gel, but there is one problem. How can you tell your baby to let gel get absorbed? Almost every time gel will be absorbed by nappy, not by skin J. Helpful solution is to get some textile Tachyonized™ material and put it outside the nappy. The next morning everything will be OK or nearly OK J.

   PLACEBO - if you think that all this is placebo effect, just imagine if 7 month old baby can suggest anything.
  All experiences mentioned above are experiences with our 7 month old daughter and we are truly happy customers of Tachyonized™ products. Thank you for these products.


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