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  Tachyon Silica Disk  
    28th May 2006

   Hello everyone,
  I'd like to share my experience with Tachyon Silica Disks with you. First I was very skeptical about using these disks, despite that I put them on my monitors. I work as a computer programmer and I spend on average 8 to 12 hours a day in front of a computer and I don't use only one, but three monitors at the same time. Imagine all that radiation from the screens. I used to feel often very tired and sometimes a little dizzy after 8 hours of work, but I love my job and I don't want to change it.
  So, I placed one Silica Disk on each of my monitors. I was very amazed with the results.I've been using these disks for 3 weeks now and I don't feel tired after work anymore. Tachyon Silica Discs proved that they are very efficient and work very well.
  Yours sincerely
  I have placed Silica Disks on these monitors:
  LCD 17" BenQ FP767-12, Philips 170B6CB, CRT Philips 109B65/75.

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