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    News - May 2006

  TachyonAU is recently established company on the local Australian market specializing in professional healing techniques and distribution of products containing Tachyonized™ materials. These highly valuable products provide our customers painless source of healthier and so forth happier life.
  We are happy to share our knowledge with people interested in their health and in helping others. We would like to inform everybody about our activities and our products, because these products bring tachyon energy to our lives. Tachyon energy is a new paradigm in holistic healing. Tachyon energy science is a healing technology to help treat simple problems like stress, pain and memory loss, to complicated diseases like AIDS and cancer. Tachyon energy is a part of lifestyle that is healing for body, mind, spirit, and the planet.

Incorporating Tachyon energy into our lives can bring dramatic changes to our health and wellbeing.

This is what we do, bring this energy to everyone
to help achieve better and healthier life.

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