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    News - Ocotber 2011

Direct Distributor Sign up is back!

Good news for all who wish to join tachyon business and become Advanced Tachyon Technologies International (ATTI) distributor and would like to actively share Tachyon with the world.

ATTI has changed the new sign-up back to the way it used to be - new people can choose to enrol as retail customers or distributors. If they choose to be distributors, their enrolment is completed instantly and automatically, as long as they type in their information correctly and avoid non-English alphabet characters. Using non-English characters or not including required information will break their sign-up process.

However, current retail customers who want to become distributors must log in and then click Sign Up to place the order for their retail account to be changed to a distributorship and pay the $49.95.
ATTI needs time to manually change their accounts from retail to distributor, so new distributor has to wait for welcome and confirmation email about new distributor account. This can take up to 24h (business working day).

If you wish to become a distributor and you have serious intend to develop customers and actively share Tachyon with the world, please follow this link and Sign up.

Incorporating Tachyon energy into our lives can bring dramatic changes to our health and wellbeing.

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