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    News - May 2013

The end of MLM commissions

ATTI has cancelled MLM program, so there is no more distributor sign up. You can contact ATTI for new affiliate program.

From letter of David Wagner to all distributors.

"I have written this letter many times, but always found hope in prolonging the life span of the current system. I no longer see alternatives with our current MLM compensation software. The expanding collapse of the purchasing ability of customers is inevitable. It happens every day. Ron in our Holland warehouse just last week could not ship products to our customers because of a regular browser update.

Closing of the current system and migration of the users has now begun. We will maintain the current system until the new system is deployment. At that time, our commission engine will go offline, and we will cease to be an MLM company.

This kind of news can never be delivered at the right time. I chose to be the messenger here because Tachyon and the results are the world I like playing in most.

We will be moving the site and closing MLM as soon as our IT dept. is ready. I expect this to happen very soon. Time is of the essence as we focus on resolving this issue.

We are now ready to step into our future. We do hope your part of it.

With loving thoughts and gratitude,

David Wagner

If you wish to see whole letter, please follow this link, login and go to your "Virtual Office".

Incorporating Tachyon energy into our lives can bring dramatic changes to our health and wellbeing.

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