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    June 2006
TachyonAU - Newsletter
Tachyon energy

  Dear Friend,
  We would like to invite you to have a look at our web page about unique Tachyon energy.

  • Tachyon energy is the revolution in the sphere of alternative and modern medicine (orthopedics, surgery, carcinology, dermatology, sports medicine). We offer endless possibilities for those, who are interested in different alternative directions.
  • Tachyons help people to reach higher level of health on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
  • Modern quantum physics considers Tachyon as primeval substance of the manifested universe.
  • Tachyons help people to access implementation of the whole spiritual potential.
  • Thanks to the tool called Vortex Pendant the chakras flip horizontal to vertical state so that the life-force energy constantly flows through all levels of our being that is the quantum shift on the way of acquaintance.
  • The knowledge of Tachyon is spreading thanks to the system T-com2 which enables with an unique way to connect the spiritual and material aspects of life into one harmonic unit.
  • System T-com2 is network marketing thanks to which you can create your own business and that way to create financial independence for yourself according to the rule - more people you help, more joy you have and therefore more you earn.
  • You can get the best prevention without any side effects what was impossible on this planet until now .
  • We are looking for open minded people who are willing to learn and help us to spread Tachyon and desire to create financial independence for themselves

  We are looking forward to hearing from you
  TachyonAU Team

Tachyon energy

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