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Tachyon Energy Healing

There are several keys to tachyon healing:

    tachyon energy is the source of all frequencies
    tachyon energy is not a frequency
    tachyon energy directly energizes the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs), whereas frequencies do not
    tachyon contains all the potential of our entire energetic continuum.

   These are the four basic principles of tachyon healing. This wholeness makes the effects of tachyon energy healing treatment universal and without side effects. You do not need know what frequency is needed since all frequencies are potentials inside tachyon.
  Tachyon energy is neg-entropic, which means it reverses entropic degeneration and can only create order in the system. When tachyon energy is applied, you do not need to know when to stop its application, because it reorganizes and restructures the SOEFs. When the SOEFs reach their maximum structure, they can't go any further and so the healing effect of the tachyon energy ends. A side benefit of using Tachyonized™ materials over energetic medicine is that when practitioners maintain a constant flow of tachyon energy through their own systems, it is extremely unusual to take on the clients' energies.
  Since tachyons do not have a specific frequency, they are not affected by gravity. Since they are not affected by gravity, they do not have a gravitational pull. No frequency matrix can hold or transfer tachyon energy. It cannot be broadcast with radionics device because radionics device only transmit frequency matrices, and, again, tachyon is not a frequency and cannot be stored or transmitted through a frequency matrix. The fact is, nothing can transmit tachyon energy.
  Tachyonized™ materials are antennas that are able to draw and concentrate the tachyon energy out of the omnipresent, infinite zero-point energy. It is a totally different energetic potential principle. Tachyon energy can be used to directly charge the SOEFs of any living system or material, but "charging" is not the same as the Tachyonization™ process. For example, water can be charged by placing Tachyonized™ material in the water or on the container. Doing this will raise the bioenergetic potential of the water, increasing and balancing the SOEFs to their highest level, but it does not charge the water at the sub-molecular level, and therefore does not charge it into a tachyon antenna. Tachyonized™ water is extremely different from charged water because it has been restructured at the sub-molecular level through the fourteen-day Tachyonization™ process. This converts the water molecules into permanent antennas for tachyon energy. When they are consumed, they disburse as tachyons antennas in the form of water molecules throughout the body. This has a very beneficial effect, as we have demonstrated. We highly recommend charging water with Tachyonized™ material so that the water you are consuming is at its highest water vibration potential.
  With tachyon energy, the entire complex of subtle and physical levels of the energetic continuum receives access to all potential that is needed for self-healing. For every energy obstruction, disharmony, energy deficiency, or lack of order in our body-mind complex, we can find the suitable solution through Tachyonized™ materials. The point is that the tachyon energy through the energetic continuum re-organizes, re-structures and energizes all levels of the subtle organized energy fields from the subtle body levels, to the cellular level, to the organ and tissue level and ultimately, to the cellular organizing field for the total organism. In this way, it creates a multi-dimensional healing impact and anti-aging treatment. As these fields become structured, the body goes into unity, harmony and health. That is how the tachyon energy works. Because it is self-regulating, tachyon healing is easier to learn than many other techniques, yet is still incredibly effective. In fact, the Tachyon Practitioner Course takes only a few days to complete.
  Since our body-mind complex decides itself which effects it permits, the result of applying tachyon energy are always positive. It is possible, however, to apply so much tachyon to an energetic system that it begins to work very well and thus begins to detoxify. When this happens you may feel physical and sometimes emotional detoxification, which is a natural part of the healing process and therefore very positive. For the unprepared, however, this could be perceived as negative. Nonetheless, tachyon energy creates order out of disorder and harmful effects are not possible. Research from around the world has provided clinical results showing that tachyon energy is 75 to 90 percent effective in the reduction or relief of all types of physical pain. These results are even more encouraging when one takes into account that most clients have tried numerous other modalities prior to discovering tachyon energy.

This article is from book: "Tachyon Energy - A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing"
Written by David Wagner and Gabriel Cousens, M.D. page 82-83.

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