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    News - March 2013

Do you wish to become a Distributor?

ATTI has changed the new sign-up for distributors. Every one who wishes to become a distributor has to sign up first as a retail customer and then follow these steps:

1. step: Login to your retail customer account on ATTI website. (If you don’t have retail account, please Sign up first here.)
2. step: Go to „Virtual Office“.
3. step: Click on Distributor Sign up link and follow instructions.

After completing “Distributor Sign up” your account will instantly changes into a distributorship and you can start enrolling other people and buying products at the 30% discount rate.

If you wish to become a distributor and you have serious intend to develop customers and actively share Tachyon with the world, please follow this link and Sign up.

Incorporating Tachyon energy into our lives can bring dramatic changes to our health and wellbeing.

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